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Take Time For You with Juice Plus+

Motherhood is a many-splendored thing. If only we could add more hours to those trying days we all have as parents, those splendors could multiply! In lieu of making that kind of magic happen, we find ourselves frantically trying to fit everything into those tiny squares that signify days on our calendars. In real life, with mile-long to-do lists, a day can feel just that small. And amidst all the hustle and bustle, we as parents often forget a very important thing: ourselves.

Because I became a parent a little later than average, at 35, I had the benefit of a few decades of finding myself. Those “selfish” years set the foundation for my journey through parenthood, serving to remind me that self-care should always be a priority. For parents, finding time for ourselves is challenging, to say the least, and also essential. If we’re always caring for others and too often neglecting ourselves, we’ll quickly find our emotional wells dry.

At the turn of a new season—one packed with hayrides, parties, costume preparation, baking, ball games, and more—don’t forget you! Here are four ideas to give you a start.

  1. Yoga. As a runner for decades, I assumed yoga would be too stationary and boring for me. I’m happy to report I was wrong! I tried it for the first time a month ago, and I’m hooked. There are tons of videos online, for beginners on up, from 10 minutes up to an hour. If you’re like me, with a mind constantly running at 100 RPM, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find yoga will slow it down and help you find focus. 
  2. Nutrition. This one’s so easy. Start a daily regimen, and you’ll feel better simply knowing you’re giving your health a boost. Do a little research to find what type of supplement could best benefit you and what you might need to avoid if you have certain medical concerns. Your regimen could include herbs, minerals, vitamins, or shakes. Check out the Juice Plus+ full lineup of products!
  3. Hydrate. Another simple one. Keep a glass of water at your bedside, and drink it as soon as your eyes open. I do this, and I don’t know if it’s changing my life, but I feel good about it. So, let’s file this one under “If It Feels Good, Do It.”
  4. Socialize (or not). Take literal time for you. Make dates with your partner or with your friends. Do it once a month. (If you can do it twice, even better.) Or, if you like flying solo, take yourself on a date. I did that recently, and it was one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in a while. No matter how you do it, make it a priority. That time to yourself will help you reset.

What self-care activities are your favorite? Inspire us and share in the comments below!

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